McQuitty and his team of dental professionals partner with patients to improve and protect their oral health by employing innovative and preventative reconstructive and aesthetic methods and treatments. A diagnostician, McQuitty uses an integrated approach to oral health and beauty by partnering with a suite of professionals to ensure you have a radiant and healthy smile.

My name is: Dr. Patrick McQuitty

My role: Encourager, listener, Dentist.

Proudest moment: Being a dad and founding Radiate by McQuitty.

I can’t live without: My kids, staff, clients, and mountain hikes.

What makes me Radiate? Laughing with my children.

Wildest dream: Still thinking about it…

My name is: Perla Pedroza

My role: To help patients feel comfortable when they are in our practice as well as help build our staff up or at least make people smile.

Proudest moment: Becoming a mama.

I can’t live without: Music. Laughter.

What makes me Radiate? Seeing people smile is what makes me radiate.

Wildest dream: To die an old, happy, traveled and well-adventured old lady who left this world a better place.

My name is: Margaret Martinez

My role: Financial/Insurance Coordinator.

Proudest moment: Birth of my son Jacob.

I can’t live without: Family.

What makes me Radiate? Meeting my goals in life and in the office.

Wildest dream: Being in a dance video with Jennifer Lopez.

My name is: Sherry Sanders

My role: I am a Registered Dental Hygienist. I perform quality care to my patient’s oral health with a smile and gentle touch.

Proudest moment: Raising a spirited, talented daughter who has a great sense of humor.

I can’t live without: Our blue New Mexico skies.

What makes me Radiate? Skiing fresh powder.

Wildest dream: Traveling the world with my family.

My name is: Fernando Medina Sarmiento

My role: Performing a variety of patient care, office, and laboratory duties, and chairside support.

Proudest moment: Siblings, being an older brother.

I can’t live without: FAMILY.

What makes me Radiate? Radiate? Seeing my patients smile.

Wildest dream: Sail the seven seas with Captain Jack Sparrow.

My name is: Tammy Garcia-Logghe

My role: Dental Hygienist.

Proudest moment: The birth of my children.

I can’t live without: Hot Chile.

What makes me Radiate? Traveling.

Wildest dream: Ride every roller coaster in the world.

My name is: Ashley Kesler

My role: Hygienist

Proudest moment: Becoming a mom, watching my son and daughter makes me proud each and every day.

I can’t live without: My family. My family is my foundation. They have helped me become who I am today and I can’t live without them.

What makes me Radiate? My smile, anything that makes me smile. My kids, my husband, a funny joke, life’s touching moments. Anything that makes me smile will make me radiate.

Wildest dream: To dance beneath the stars under the Eiffel Tower with my husband.

My name is: Miriam Tapia

My role: Dental Assistant/Front Office.

Proudest moment: When my son came into this world.

I can’t live without: My family and work crew a.k.a. my second family.

What makes me Radiate? My bronzer and highlighter (LOL).

Wildest dream: Having a super successful Beauty YouTube Channel as a side career from my dental life.

My name is: Celina Roybal

My role: Dental Assistant.

Proudest moment: Marrying my husband.

I can’t live without: Oxygen. Family. Chile.

What makes me Radiate? My family.

Wildest dream: Travel the world.